.Dance Hits

finding odd 80’s epic remixes is an incredible thing. i can’t explain the unique finds and why they make an impact on me but all the music you find has some meaning.

this LP is just that! take a spin

  1. Maniac (A. R. Remix) Lawrence 5:19
  2. Video Killed the Radio Star (R. P. Remix) Trancemission 5:04
  3. Self Control (R. N. Remix) DJ Kee 4:02
  4. Thriller (Hars Sequencer) Purple Beat 5:39
  5. Radio Ga Ga (F. T. Buzz Mix) T-Zone 5:06
  6. La Isla Bonita (The R. N. Remix) In.Deep 4:16
  7. Never Gonna Give You Up (Strike Mix) Alex Perry 5:04
  8. Shout (R. P. Remix) DJ Kee 4:15
  9. Take My Breath Away (A. R. Remix) Kikka 4:33
  10. Billie Jean (Tribal Medley Mix) DJ Jaxx 5:20
  11. She Drives Me Crazy (A. R. Remix) DJ Space'C 4:21
  12. One Night in Bangkok (The Ricky P Mix) DJ Space'C 5:10
  13. Heaven Is a Place On Earth (The Ricky P Remix) Kikka 5:13
  14. Reggae Night (A. R. Remix) D'Mixmasters 4:30
  15. Forever Young (International Club Mix) DJ Space'C 4:06
  16. Bad (Remix) Koka 4:28
  17. Never Ending Story (Power Club Vocal Mix) DJ AC-DC 5:22
  18. Like a Virgin (The Factory Happy Mix) The Snapper 4:16
  19. Together in Electric Dreams (The Ricky P Mix) D'Mixmasters 5:32
  20. I Won't Let the Sun Go Down (The Factory Team Remix) Tomstone 3:16
  21. Ghostbusters (Dance Pip Mix) DJ Hush 4:12
  22. I Should Be so Lucky (Eurotrance Version) Laurie 4:44
  23. Pump Up the Volume (A. R. Remake) DJ Hush 4:49
  24. Tarzan Boy (The Factory Team Version) Bandido 4:50
  25. Mony Mony (The Factory Team Remix) D'Mixmasters 6:35
  26. Push It (A. R. Remix) MC Ya 4:06
  27. Owner of a Lonely Heart (A. R. Remix) DJ Hush 5:28
  28. Don't Bring Me Down (The Factory Team Remix) Boys Boys Boys 4:44
  29. Manic Monday (The Factory Team Remix) Girlzz 4:41
  30. Girls On Film (The Ricky P Mix) Red Garden 5:31
  31. Que Sera Mi Vida (The Factory Team Remix) Movimento Latino 4:22
  32. The Tide Is High (R. P. Remix) Plaza People 5:05
  33. Boys Boys Boys (Summertime Love R. P. Remix) - Masquerade 4:41
  34. Fresh (The Factory Team Dance Remix) Plaza People 4:33
  35. I Don't Wanna Get Hurt (A. R. Remix) T-Zone 4:37
  36. Say Say Say (F. T. & Company Edit) Boyz 3 4:27
  37. Tainted Love (Speed Remix) Speedogang 2:48
  38. Total Eclipse of the Heart (The Factory Team Remix) Sheldon 5:06
  39. Always On My Mind (The Factory Team Remix) Trancemission 4:56
  40. Human (The Factory Team Remix) Interface 5:37