.Linkin Park

wow! talk about retro, i found a few hits from this group. it was sad to see the lead sing go,

the story behind this group for me is a long time ago, i used to be in a relationship with a man who had three children. the youngest one was best friends with my youngest son. they introduced us, go figure. it is a long story and i won’t bore you with those details, however, they used to listen to this group and for the life of me i could never understand all the screaming. over and over, i tried so hard to understand why the little one would listen to this group.

one day, Linkin Park was appearing in Montreal. so as a gift for their birthday, both the 2 little ones, i took them to see Linkin Park. well i have never seen or heard anything like it! i was immediately impressed and this memory will forever be embedded into my heart.

i was not only the coolest mom, but i had learned a new music. if you only listen to the words, sometimes a group that you seemed impossible to understand, can be so easily turned.

thank you kids for making this epic for me! enjoy.

  1. Liking park - What I've done 3:15
  2. Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit 3:16
  3. New Divine Linkin Park 4:30
  4. Linkin Park - Numb 3:07
  5. One Step Closer Linkin Park 2:36
  6. Shadow Of The Day Linkin Park 4:52
  7. What I've Done Linkin Park 3:11