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.Linkin Park

wow! talk about retro, i found a few hits from this group. it was sad to see the lead sing go,

the story behind this group for me is a long time ago, i used … Read the rest

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.Ultimate Epic Mix

when you round up all the mixes, you find this rare compilation. i have said it before, these songs are all of the above. mixed up, soft, rock, disco, dancing, you name it i have … Read the rest

.crazy mix

i said in previous post that i am a very strange mix breed, when it comes to music, it is whatever shakes me in that moment in time. this is another collection of let’s just … Read the rest

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.Reality Mix

so they say you are what you eat but has anyone ever said you express what you listen to? probably not, but is the oddest collection i have gathered. you have to understanding that my … Read the rest