The Cars

The Cars are an American rock band that emerged from the new wave scene in the late 1970’s. The band originated in BostonMassachusetts, in 1976, with singer, rhythm guitarist and songwriter Ric Ocasek, singer and bassist Benjamin Orr, lead guitarist Elliot Easton, keyboardist Greg Hawkes and drummer David Robinson.

The Cars were at the forefront in merging 1970’s guitar-oriented rock with the new synthesizer-oriented pop that was then becoming popular and which would flourish in the early 1980’s. Robert Palmer, music critic for The New York Times and Rolling Stone, described the Cars’ musical style by saying: “they have taken some important but disparate contemporary trends—punk minimalism, the labyrinthine synthesizer and guitar textures of art rock, the 50’s rockabilly revival and the melodious terseness of power pop—and mixed them into a personal and appealing blend.”

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i found this epic LP – enjoy!

  1. Just What I Needed The Cars 3:46
  2. My Best Friend's Girl The Cars 3:46
  3. Good Times Roll The Cars 3:48
  4. You're All I've Got Tonight The Cars 4:15
  5. Bye Bye Love The Cars 4:15
  6. Moving in Stereo The Cars 4:46
  7. Let's Go The Cars 3:36
  8. It's All I Can Do The Cars 3:46
  9. Dangerous Type The Cars 4:31
  10. Touch and Go The Cars 4:58
  11. Shake It Up The Cars 3:35
  12. Since You're Gone The Cars 3:33
  13. I'm Not the One The Cars 4:14
  14. You Might Think The Cars 3:08
  15. Drive The Cars 3:58
  16. Magic The Cars 4:00
  17. Hello Again The Cars 3:49
  18. Why Can't I Have You The Cars 4:06
  19. Tonight She Comes The Cars 3:57
  20. You Are the Girl The Cars 3:56

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